Trained as a specialist, McKenzie assumed control over his folks’ farm in Woodlands and changed over it from a dry stock ranch to a totally independent dairy farm for the 2015/16 season. He, alongside his better half Sarah, an educator, contract dairy products for McKenzie’s folks Eoin and Jayne.

Eoin remains a major piece of the farming operation.

On the homestead McKenzie milks 650 crossbred cows on a 220 hectare milking stage with three full-time staff. The ranch has moved to once-a-day draining this season.

The 26-year-old dairy agriculturist won the ecological initiative in cultivating and land administration grant at the Southland Community Environment Awards a week ago.

Mckenzie said the move was a piece of attempting to be a maintainable business.

Through winter he abstains from planting brassicas, inclining toward a grass and baleage framework to abstain from pugging and change issues. They additionally deliberately nibble the cows to limit supplement misfortunes.

The 54-parcel turning shed is joined by a 100 meter-since a long time ago encourage cushion.

“That decreases how much time dairy animals are in the enclosure.”

In only a couple of years he’s well and genuinely demonstrated his responsibility regarding doing things well, thinking about the natural contact with all his cultivating choices. McKenzie entered the Southland-Otago Dairy Industry Awards in the ranch supervisor segment this year, completing third however winning the strategic maneuver area.

He picked natural administration as his class, since the majority of the ecological requirements of his ranch were still crisp in his mind following the change. From that point forward, his trust in what he has been doing on his ranch naturally has developed.

McKenzie doesn’t believe he’s been doing anything additional uncommon on the homestead. He said they were little changes that everybody could do.

“Dislike we’re doing anything not quite the same as what other dairy ranchers are doing.”

Truth be told, a great deal of ranchers merited the earth grant the same amount of as he did.

McKenzie has a well thoroughly considered arrangement to get the best from his property, with wide cushions along his fenced conduits to oblige existing flax and vegetation.

He’s buckled down with his dad to do a considerable measure of local riparian planting and limited the effect on basic source territories by abandoning them ungrazed or fenced them to prohibit stock.

He’s likewise permitting about a hectare of land unacceptable for field to return to wetlands and has done some planting around the new dairy shed and profluent lake.

A considerable measure of the tree planting has been tied in with decorating the homestead. In any case, McKenzie trusted it would help decrease its carbon outflows as well.

“The more trees you have the more they’re doing their activity taking carbon out.”

Having a manageable business both monetarily and earth will keep on being a work in advance for the youthful agriculturist and his family.

Be that as it may, he is quick to continue onward and would like to add a few apiaries to the ranch soon. In the long haul he would like to decrease his nitrogen contributions to zero, by rather utilizing vegetable sort plants which create their own particular nitrogen.

“To us it’s quite recently straightforward, essential cultivating.”