On hair loss of pigmented part

Those who repeated self treatment such as Waki ​​and V-line with razor do not care about pigmentation?

Razors and hair strikes are extremely burdensome to the skin, causing rough skin, pores in the pores, pigmentation and so on.

However, girls who are concerned about unwanted hair becoming thicker from junior high and high school students,
I can do it only with razors and hair removal ….

As a result, as a result of years of self-processing, girls that cause pigmentation are incessant.

And after becoming a college student or an OL, I am interested in depilation at an esthetic salon and I often start thinking about going to school.

However, is it possible to apply light to the part where pigmentation has occurred? I think that some people will be uneasy.

I’ve heard that photo-depilation is bad for sunburned skin, and it’s natural that I think that burned-out is a concern.

I also asked the staff of the esthetic and the esthetic staff when I thought about depilation of Waki’s unwanted hair at hair removal salon musi platinum.

I really wanted to remove hair for my wedding, but I was worried what to do if I could not do it due to pigmentation.
But when I checked the state of Waki, I heard that there is no problem with this degree.

Depending on the degree of pigmentation, in the case of Japanese, I think that it will be OK unless it is much thicker.

If you have hooks or dark pigmentation, you can stick a seal on that part and avoid the part and perform the treatment.

Of course, there is a need to consult firmly with the esthetic staff,

In most cases you can do the operation, so please go to counseling with confidence.

If you like Musé Platinum you can also answer detailed questions with counseling carefully.

In addition, as a result of depilation at the esthetic, pigmentation has been improved, and it is also true that there are many voices that the skin becomes white and beautiful.

I was also surprised really, because I was so beautiful that I could not believe how dirty it was,
I did not see myself thinking that I could become such an idiot!

Even when I shaved with a razor, blackness remained, even when I was in a short sleeve I was like a lie that I could not raise my arm.

Now I am able to wear short sleeves and tank tops, exercise dramatically at the sports gym, dance hula dance ♪
Even those who are suffering from pigmentation, please reserve counseling anyway and take one step.