Dental issues that makes surgical tooth extraction necessary

It’s likely for everybody to undergo surgical tooth extraction because of certain dental problems. Dentists are trained to remove a tooth with ease, and avoid using excessive force while doing the job. Thus, it helps prevent causing unnecessary delays and injuries to the patient throughout the procedure. However, surgical tooth extraction cost is quite higher than simple procedures, that is why you should prepare first before visiting the dentist.

When does surgical tooth extraction becomes necessary

Surgical tooth extraction is the use of invasive procedures to remove a tooth. It may involve cutting a tooth apart, cutting gum tissues or trimming bones for the dentist to easily remove a tooth. And you need to find reliable yet cheap dentists for surgical tooth removal in certain cases, such as:

Impacted tooth

Impaction happens when a tooth cannot grow normally because of gum or bone tissues covering it, such as in cases of impacted wisdom teeth. It requires surgical tooth extraction, since the dentist needs to create an opening to access and remove the tooth. After extraction, they will stitch back the gum tissues for it to heal.

Be sure, however, to ask about cost of tooth extraction for impacted tooth in a dental clinic. It has different price with regular extraction, since it requires complex procedures to remove a tooth successfully.

Fragile or broken teeth

You also need to prepare for surgical tooth extraction cost if you have broken tooth. These are teeth with cracked or shattered crowns because of severe decay or accidents. It’s difficult to deal with, since dentists needs to remove all the tiny pieces which their tools cannot manipulate easily.

Dentists face almost the same problem with fragile teeth. Those are teeth with visible cracks, which suggest it may fracture through the extraction procedure. And if a teeth shatter, dentists need to handle the problem of broken tooth. Thus, they consider using surgical extraction right from the start, so they can avoid damaging the fragile tooth. See here at Fix Dental

In such cases, dentists create incision on the gum tissues that holds the broken or fragile tooth. It makes a tooth more visible and accessible for removal. That’s when they can use common tools they have for extraction.

Tooth with curved or long roots

Dentists also require surgical extraction if your tooth has excessively long or curved roots underneath the gums. Such roots form a complex system under the gums which holds the tooth. Thus, it makes removing a tooth more difficult, and applying excessive force can damage your jawbone and neighboring teeth.

In such cases, dentists prefer to create incisions to open your gums, or cut the tooth into few parts. Cutting the tooth involves creating vertical cuts to divide a tooth into sections. Each of such section only has one root underneath, thus efficiently removing the problem of complex root system. Then, the dentist can pull each of the section individually, without exerting too much force.

Dense or inelastic bones

There are cases when thick and dense layers of jawbones hold the roots of a tooth. That makes it hard for dentists to pull out a tooth through simple extraction. If you’re suffering with such problem, prepare for the surgical tooth extraction cost to pay.

Such cases require dentist to trim the jawbone until the tooth is ready to be removed. However, cutting the tooth apart can also help for an easier process.

These common dental cases make surgical tooth extraction necessary. If you notice this in one or few of your teeth, or if your dentist tells you so, be sure to prepare for such complex procedure.

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